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GDPR Agreement*

When you have decided to put your property up for sale, has become part of the real estate market and our experience shows us that there is no easy sale, because there are many factors that influence it, such as: tributaries, legal, tax, mortgage and commercial.

Sobre todo es muy importante que su inmueble salga al mercado con el precio resultante de una professional appraisal para que de esta forma no se pierdan oportunidades de venta.

We will take care of all these procedures if you give us the opportunity to advise you.



We go to your property to meet you personally and take all the necessary data: Location, distribution, calities, state of conservation, common zones, environment, services, etc. and later we prepare the informative dossier according to what is established in the Royal Decree. 218/2005, 11 October, in which the consumer information regulation is approved.

With the data collected, the help of professionals in the sector and a comparative study of the other existing offers and especially of the operations already carried out, We will assess as accurately as possible., in this way specify with you the sale price that is more in line with current market circumstances.

Advantages you will have with this work system:

A single interlocutor: evita tener que repetir continuamente a distinta inmobiliarias y particulares sus datos, those of your property and your personal circumstances.

professional treatment: Será atendido por un asesor cualificado con experiencia en el sector que realizará un seguimiento personalizado de su inmueble, thus avoiding, dealing with people who eventually dedicate themselves to this profession.

product knowledge: Al conocer las características del inmueble con todo detalle podremos evitar errores que comenten los intermediarios poco profesionales que se dedican a recopilar datos telefónicamente.

Specialized in one area: Al centrarnos en un área específica conocemos sus ofertas, demands and prices, which enables us to recommend the right price to sell your property.

Only price: el precio de venta se fija de acuerdo con el propietario y bajo los criterios de valoración profesional y objetiva de su asesor inmobiliario, thus, the price will be the same for everyone, eliminating the bad image caused by a property for sale with different prices, in addition to avoiding unpleasant surprises with the fees of different real estate agents. The price is never lowered before the closing of the operation.

reduced portfolio: un asesor inmobiliario que trabaja con este sistema tiene una cartera de inmuebles reducida y no consiente trabajar a cualquier precio, you can select your clients and dedicate special attention to them.

Serious and committed marketing plan: empleamos gran parte de nuestro tiempo para analizar los medios de publicidad más efectivos y publicar en ellos su oferta, Allocating the economic investment that is necessary.

Planned visits: evitamos visitas repetidas con el mismo comprador a través de distintas inmobiliarias, We will notify you sufficiently in advance so that you have perfectly organized housing. We will not make visits in a hurry, or at odd hours

Don't miss out on sales opportunities: facilitamos cualquier posibilidad de compra con un cliente aportado por otra inmobiliaria o incluso por el propio propietario, supervising the operation until the end to guarantee your interests.

higher valuation: este efecto se consigue porque aumenta su expectación, since in general society prefers what everyone does not have.

greater transparency: cuando facilitamos información a un posible comprador no nos vemos obligados a obviar, nor half say certain data for fear that the client contacts the owner directly.

Higher percentage of success: With a well-planned marketing plan, a perfectly organized sales system and with the classification of the buyer client in interviews prior to the visit, we managed to avoid unnecessary visits.