No visits. There are also no meetings, no new clients or business contacts. Nothing. Or practically nothing. Las inmobiliarias del país siguen cerradas al público después de decretarse el state of alarm por el coronavirus y solamente se firman ante notario las operaciones urgentes, pre-managed by phone or email.

Faced with this unexpected situation, real estate companies make calculations of what the pandemic will mean for them. There will be closings, it is unavoidable. «Estimamos que two out of ten real estate tendrán que cesar su actividad a causa del coronavirus», warn from the National Federation of Real Estate Agencies (DO).

For the moment, many agencies have already had to 'make difficult and complex decisions and have submitted ERTE to, in many cases, minimize damage to templates and for workers; and for the recovery, in a key sector for the economy, not as expensive as the crisis of 2008, ya que hablamos de una conjunctural and non-structural crisis », says the FAI.

The Federation distinguishes between real estate companies that are dedicated to the exclusive activity of buying and selling - which are practically paralyzed - and those that combine buying and selling with rentals - blocked between a 70% and 80%-. In both cases, la gestión de las agencias se reduce a dar legal solutions to clients que lo habían solicitado antes de la pandemia.

«We are very exposed to the day to day. Muchas inmobiliarias trabajan con equipos little ones y con salarios variables muy necesarios para su día a día. The fact of being several weeks without activity will lead to the closure of many agencies, especially the smaller ones », adds Jose María Alfaro to OKDIARIO.

En otro grupo están las luxury real estate. Its client portfolio is mainly made up of foreigners who have also stopped traveling and investing in our country. Everything is stopped.

Business rental

The National Federation of Real Estate Agencies regret the inaction of the Government regarding business leases. «No effective measure has been articulated for the rental of offices, locals or ships, y eso va a ser un gran problema añadido para muchas familias que dependen de estos negocios».

In general terms, The Federation believes that the latest measures of the Executive in matters of rent "fall short". Thus, reclaman una reduction of up to 50% on the taxes levied on housing transfers o ayudas estatales directas para el pago de los alquileres en función de los ingresos y la situación de vulnerabilidad de cada persona, among others.



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