Investors seek safety in Portugal

The Portuguese real estate market attracts more and more foreigners, who know that within five to ten years will not lose their money.

Cristina Bernardo

It is not now that the housing market Portuguese arouses the attention of international investors. The proof of this is the opening of UrHome Portugal, a real estate agency specializing in the sale and valuation of properties in Portugal.

Bobby O’Reilly, CEO UrHome Portugal, ensures that security is a major reason for international investors to bet on our country. At this time, international investors seek to Portugal for several reasons. "The main thing is safety. Whatever the political situation in their countries of origin, They look at Portugal as a safe place for them and their families, and provide for a more secure and peaceful future. Another reason leading to this growing demand are the investment opportunities. They want to make sure that the investments they make are safe and that within five to ten years do not lose money ", Explain.

Bobby O'Reilly also points out that the main advantage is the opportunity to join the residency program in Portugal (ARI) e, eventually, They expect the opportunity to get the Portuguese passport, allowing them and their families, have access not only to Portugal and throughout Europe, including opportunities in education and health.

Delays in granting visas Gold have harmed investors. "Until now there was a great concern for the Visa Gold program in the case of customers who already had access to the same.

Recently, the Foreigners and Borders Service - SEF changed the rules, allowing new entrants entering can use all the SEF offices spread throughout the country. This gave great impetus to the market and made sure people did not have fear in the backlog of cases ", supports.

The CEO notes that there are investors who still have processes in arrears in Lisbon, especially in renovations, but believe that everything will be diluted to other offices (delegations) SEF in the country, which will relieve the existing delays.

middle East, South Africa, Brazil, Philippines and Vietnam are currently the main countries of origin of investors seeking opportunities in the Portuguese real estate market, many of them looking for an alternative residence. The Chinese, which began to be the main investors, are now disperse, because the program was extended to include other countries.

As for the Portuguese market, O'Reilly reveals that the expectation is to continue to grow. Decentralization of Lisbon and Porto to other regional markets, that are already attracting investors, also should be emphasized - a good strategy because they have more viability, logo, which should seek to invest your money.

"When we discussed the fact that many celebrities are thinking about moving to Portugal, increases curiosity, especially when those who are already here experienced Portugal with all its offer and disclose it outside. Those who have not experienced yet are surprised by the positive and want to know the country. And we would love to help them discover Portugal ", concludes.