Land Santa Maria – Tavira, Algarve, Portugal (SU-CG00215916/02025078)

8.600.000 €


Land in Tavira with 21.8 hectares, on the connection between the A22 and the city center of Tavira, in a place with excellent excellent development potential. The land is located in the vicinity of the city of Tavira, in the eastern Algarve, 37 Km from Faro (39 Km from the airport), 300 Km from Lisbon and 172 Km from Seville. The detail plan of Pêro Gil, where the land is integrated, allows to develop a project with a total constructive potential of 76. 021sqm for residential residential space, a hotel, commercial space and equipment. The area is divided into three execution units and a rustic area, facilitating the proper phasing of the project: Execution Unit 1 divides the space into nine lots, with one for hotel unit, five for collective housing (two of them with trade) and three lots for equipment (one of them, for private clinic). Part of the adjacent land will be kept rustic (79.885sqm), with agricultural potential. The execution Unit 2 divides the urban space into eight distinct lots intended for collective housing (where, in three of these, it is foreseen the existence of commercial areas on the ground floor). This unit has a east-west orientation. Implementation Unit 3 is structured in twenty-seven separate lots, three of which are intended for collective housing and the remaining twenty-four for detached houses. In the northern zone of EU3, next to EU2, the retention basin provided for in the Pêro Gil detail plan is inserted. In addition to the three execution units, which make up the urban area, there is a rustic area that will be maintained, conducive to agricultural culture, in a total of 79.885sqm. The predominant crops in this region are wine and fruit. The total land area amounts to 218.837sqm, corresponding to an urban area of 138.952sqm and a rustic area of 79.885sqm. The surrounding area is characterized by the existence of land, mixed buildings and scattered houses.

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