A perfect corner

45.000 €


Are you looking for a place to set up your txoko and meet quietly with your friends?? Forget bothering at home or keeping an eye on other friends with txoko because you can have it for less than the cost of tobacco. Mira, so you stop smoking and you spend it in the local.
are you 3 minutes from the Basarrate metro stop and several bus stops. Very close to the Europa park and right in front of the neighborhood's Eroski, What more can you ask?
In its day it was a bar of some 40 m2 with a loft of 8 m2, with a good bar and enough space to cook. like i told you, the perfect place for your txoko.
Why do I insist so much on the txoko? Because the premises no longer have an activity license. But nothing happens, if you want to put your bar, you only have to request the activity license again as indicated by the City Council, it's not complicated but it takes a while.
It's up to you, you know what we offer you. But sincerely, what tempts you about the txoko? Call me and I'll take you to see it.


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