When a buyer does a search on a real estate portal, the ads that appear are ordered according to their publication date. That is to say, as the days go by, our free ad will lose positions in the list when new advertisements are posted.

Evidently, There is a way around this and it is to pay for our ad to rise to the top search positions. It is the strategy used by many real estate agencies, who pay monthly to these websites to sell houses so that their ads have a privileged positioning.

The real estate portals ensure that the quality of the ad also influences the possibility of appearing in the list. Those who are more complete, that is to say, those who have all the data of the house, Photos, videos the plans, will appear above those who lack information or do not have photos.

In this sense, it is important that we make sure write a good advertisement so that our advertising is not lost in the sea of ​​advertisements on the portals. Yes, we must bear in mind that the ads premium have priority. So, if we want to compete with other sellers or with real estate agencies, we can consider making a small investment in it.

The good news is that the ads premium They are not usually expensive and each website offers a large number of types of highlights. Rates vary according to the real estate portal. But, generally, range between 10 euros and 60 euros, according to the chosen positioning.

But DIFERENTY.COM has the best rate in the world market for private owners, by 1,00 € monthly properties will never be in the last positions.

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