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    One Thousand Museum

    With 215 meters high and 62 floors, it will be one of the tallest towers in the world. And only a maximum of 100 tenants will be chosen to live in it because of the high-standing demands to be prejudiced in its creation.

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    6 star luxury

    Welcome to the place and breathes luxury and is only big billionaires can buy one of these VIP apartments. On the top floor there is a living room and an aquatic center double height.

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    spectacular views

    It is in the face area of ​​Miami, Florida where power is concentrated. From the terraces, all plants have, you can see the Bay of Biscay, where yachts and ferries come to America.

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    You can enter through the door or directly leaving the helicopter on the roof. The whole design of the tower belongs to the study of Zaha Hadid won the Pritzker Prize for architecture, the Stirling Prize and many other mentions.

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    All rooms are exterior, which makes your inner glow and even more when your design is so clean and spacious. The range of grays and whites flood the rooms.

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    Apartments with different distribution

    There are different styles of flats, duplex, triplex and penthouse, smaller but equally comfortable loft or townhouse. Moreover, in each of the types can be selected various formats, 2 bedroom, three or five.

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    From 5 million euros

    The simpler and lower floors apartments have a value of 5 million, but most are around 22 million euros and extreme luxury they want to live together Beckham paid for 40 million euros.

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    Airy, modern

    Everything is designed to attract the taste of the richest, so the presentation of the design and quality is essential. The kitchen with a large island, has European appliances and American art.

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    windows unsuitable for tenants with vertigo

    From any corner of the house you can see the street, or the sky or the bay. The large windows provide light without losing protection and also the house is automated for the comfort and safety of the VIP tenants.

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    Italian interior design

    The most expert hands have worked on the project with great care and every detail finishes are contemporary and stylish. Accessories are the strong point of the decor and the tranquility that transmit furniture.

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    Light is one of the main requirements of this work, while to the elevator is completely created by glass for a panoramic view of 360 degrees around.

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    Spaciousness and comfort

    If this were not enough spacious lounge to relax, the building has a spa and wellness center, several pools on the eighth floor and solarium and recreation area on the 60th floor.

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    strategic location

    The area is not only a great place for business and leisure, but also thanks to the height of the building, you can enjoy the best sunsets and the most attractive awakenings.

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    Miami smell

    Palm trees, the Latin flavor and the union of sky and water, make this destination in central Florida the best fusion of American luxury and more Europeans and Hispanics details.

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    Outdoor pool

    At one step to beach. Having a pool of this size, surrounded by a sculptural work and vegetation, some tenants may not need to go to the beach to cool off. But the reality is that they can enjoy the water room just 3 minutes from your home.

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    Hall and relaxation area

    Upon entering the building, you are a tenant or guest, anyone can enjoy a reception with tables and chairs, nibbles and even a small lake next to the giant glass roof overlooking the bay.

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    private terrace with views

    In Miami the temperature is almost always ideal, so you have a large terrace like this is a luxury. It is the area of ​​the house where the art of Zaha Hadid's patent is due to their structural designs and curves of their bases.