What is a real estate CRM?

A CRM (in English, Customer Relationship Management) is a management tool that helps you organize communication with your customers and put your company in order. It helps you to know what has happened to each client, who did what, and how to distribute the work among the team.

In other words, is a tool to sell more.

Generic CRMs are mostly focused on the sales side. They usually give you the ability to create a conversion funnel, send emails directly from the tool to your clients, or have a calendar where you can see all the tasks of the day. But in the case of real estate agencies, a CRM can do much more.

A CRM designed for real estate

Realtors don't just have to sell; you also have to capture new properties (the product), and find potential contacts (prospecting). And a CRM focused on the real estate world has to meet those needs.

Usually, a real estate CRM is rather a complete productivity tool, that facilitates the management and the day to day in the real estate agency. But, worth it?

Is it worth using a CRM?

The main objective of a CRM is to save you time, and for so much money. Since the most valuable asset in your company is the time you have, the more efficient you are, more money you can generate.

So to know if you should use a real estate CRM, you just have to do the math. It would be enough to know how much an hour of your time costs, and see how many hours a CRM can save you per month.

For example, let's say your cost per hour is about € 25, taking into account a day of 8 hours, and 20 days per month. Here all the expenses of your real estate are included:

  • Office and materials rental
  • Costs of real estate portals and marketing
  • Payroll and additional costs of your employees
  • Gasoline, displacements, foods, etc…

If hiring the real estate CRM costs you about € 70 per month, it would be enough for that tool to save younail 3 hours per month so there is no cost. It's more, use a CRMwould be a profit, since you could have more time to sell more houses with less effort.

The question that remains is, Can a CRM save me time?

The advantages of using a real estate CRM

As i mentioned before, a CRM focused on the real estate sector does much more than sell. It also helps you control your property catalog, post them on portals automatically, and much more.

Certified Real Estate CRM

Although we adapt to new formats and CRM, the following CRMs are 100% compatible with our real estate portal, anyway if your CRM is not on the list don't worry, we will adapt your CRM to our portal.

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