Apartment For sale in Municipio A, Municipio A (NDU002)

173.000 €


The new Cosmopolitan project is the totality of all the components of a successful acquisition.

– Convenient location for investment. Prices in this area are growing in parallel with the active development of the surrounding areas.
– Beautiful Rodo Park, with a variety of recreation areas. Ramirez Beach, with its best sunsets in the city.
– Developed infrastructure. Accessibility of all significant infrastructure facilities, from schools kindergartens and hospitals to GOLF CLUB OF URUGUAY.
-High profitability when renting, from 5%.

Safety and a sense of unity with nature in the city center.

Buying property in Uruguay can be a profitable investment for the following reasons:
1. Security: Uruguay is considered one of the safest countries in Latin America, which attracts many foreign investors looking to purchase property in a safe region.
2. Economic stability: Uruguay is one of the most stable economies in Latin America. The country has a low inflation rate, a high level of resilience to crises and a long-term economic strategy.
3. Attractive property prices: Property prices in Uruguay are generally lower than in more developed countries such as the United States or the United Kingdom, which means that investors can get a larger area for the same price or buy property in more attractive areas.
4. Tax advantages: Uruguay has a favorable tax system for foreign investors, including exemption from income tax for foreign persons who do not have a permanent residence in the country.
5. Quality of Life: Uruguay is one of the best countries in Latin America in terms of quality of life, and this is due to its low crime rate, high level of education, cultural heritage, environmental resources, and attractive climate.

In general, buying property in Uruguay can be a profitable investment if you want to buy property in a safe and stable region with a high quality of life and attractive tax advantages.

For a more detailed presentation, please contact your personal real estate broker in Uruguay, Konstantin Berkov. – REF: NDU002


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